Striving for a Truly Authentic Japanese Ramen

We’ve travelled around the world and have come to see the Japanese noodle soup known as "Ramen" become a
globally recognized word. At the same time however, with different interpretations being made to suit the palates of
each nations' people, it’s readily apparent that somewhere along the line the ramen we know and love in Japan had
morphed into something else. This is the reason we began developing Myramen: so everyone can easily enjoy the
taste of truly authentic, traditional Japanese ramen.
For those whose diets eschew animal products, we sincerely hope MyRamen allows you to enjoy a bowl of delicious
ramen with peace of mind.

In general, the base ingredients for most ramen soup stocks are made from animal extracts, so vegans or others with eating guidelines or dietary restrictions such as religious ones, often steer away from ramen of any kind.
Although there are other instant vegan ramen products currently available, it is of our belief they lack true ramen
quality, due in large part to limitations set forth by ingredient selection. It is also of our opinion there are no instant
vegan ramen products currently available that we consider having a truly authentic Japanese taste.
Therefore we have stuck to traditional flavors, (Soy Sauce, Miso and Salt) and by bringing out the flavor and aroma of the ingredients to the fullest, we've succeeded in making instant vegan ramen which stay true to its ramen roots,
while completely refraining from any animal extracts, chemical seasonings or alcohol.

From product development to the planning stage, award-winning ramen restaurateur Hiroaki Sakata, owner of highly
regarded ramen shop Menya Shichisai, served as Chief Producer. Menya Shichisai is a Michelin Bib Gourmand
awarded (‘17/’18) ramen shop situated in the Chuo Ward of Tokyo. We pay homage the essence of Japanese ramen by using quality ingredients served in simple settings while adopting macrobiotic principles. The result is a highly
refined taste that stays true to its roots.

We strive for a truly authentic Japanese ramen. A ramen which all consumers can trust is safe and healthy, a ramen
that can become a staple for dining tables around the world.
This is the beginning of a delicious ramen people can fall in love with.